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Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is advanced blend of non corrosive cleaner with additional base and inhibitor. Its powerful chemical rust removal action dissolves rust without any mechanical action. This is the reason why Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner used in removal of iron ore stain without reaction on paint, rubber, plastic and glass. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is frequently used in the mining and construction industry and also most commonly use to clean SHIP HOLD after disharging of IRON ORE.


Very effective products to removes rust and stains also improves metal appearance.

Direction for use

FOR HEAVY DUTY IRON ORE RUST REMOVER should be diluted  with water  1:4 . Then solution can be applied by brushing, spraying for  10 - 20 minutes the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with high pressure  water.

Test Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on a small inconspicuous area before use.
Do not apply 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner undiluted.
A more concentrate dilution may be required where concrete has been cured for an extended period of time.
Do not leave 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on any surface for extended periods of time.
To maintain product integrity, keep container sealed when not in use. 

Use 10 to 20% of Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner with  fresh water and left to react for 5 - 40 minutes then the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water jet. Click for More details

This is very effective chemical  for Iron ore and rust removal action. Which  dissolves Iron Ore rust from all kinds of surface.

If hardness contaminations remain repeat the process. Also cleaning property can be increase at temperature of 75 to 80 ‘C



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