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Water Heater Geyser Cleaner

Water Heater Geyser Cleaner

Ready Stock of Coffee Machine Boiler Descaler Decalcination (calcium remover) in Mumbai, Kandla, Mundra, Kolkata, Howrah, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai Tuticorin, INDIA, Fujairah, Muscat, Middle East, Kenya, Uganda, Africa, Canada

Water Heater Geyser Cleaner manufacturer, exporter and supplier. Unplug electrical connection and remove coil from Geyser Chamber, The Geyser coil  which has solid mineral scale deposit mass keep in plastic bucket And slowly add the  RXSOL-25-1052-005 powder  Leave for 3-4 hrs,  chemically developed RXSOL particle will dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from surface of appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost.

 It can also be used in appliances such as Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Geysers, Steam Iron, Coffee Makers, Bath Tubs, Bathroom Fixtures etc.

Can improve lifetime and performance. Easy to use in conjunction with your appliance


How to clean Coffee Machine / Kettle water heater
Half fill boiler of Coffee Machine with water and boil. Unplug electrical connection and slowly add the one spoon powder contents of RXSOL-25-1052-005. Leave for just 10 minutes chemically developed RXSOL particle will dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from surface of appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost.


Coffee Machine Boiler Descaler manufacturer and is popular and high in demand product of RXSOL. We are Coffee Machine Boiler Descaler supplier in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Surat, Gandhidham, Kandla, Manglore, Goa, Visakhapatnam, Ennore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ennore, Paradip, Haldia, Fujairah, Dubai, Middle East. And we are Coffee Machine Boiler Descaler exporter.

Formation of Calcium Sulfate is main cause for SCALE formation :::

The principal problem potential posed by sulfate ions in water is the possibility of calcium sulfate scale formation.  Precipitation of calcium sulfate can occur when high concentrations of both calcium and sulfate exist simultaneously.  There are three primary areas of water treatment in which calcium sulfate precipitation may occur boilers, cooling systems, and ion exchangers operating in the hydrogen or acid mode.

In boilers, calcium sulfate scale formation has been reduced to a minimum by modern treatment practices.  The low hardness levels largely preclude calcium sulfate boiler scale.    By contrast, cooling systems are subject to calcium sulfate scale deposition because the makeup is usually not treated for hardness removal.  Cooling water is usually treated with sulfuric acid for pH control, and the makeup is cycled, i.e. concentrated.  Calcium sulfate scale deposition can  result unless the cycles of concentration are properly controlled in conjunction with the proper use of scale control chemicals.  Cation ion exchangers regenerated with sulfuric acid also can pose a major calcium sulfate problem. Calcium sulfate precipitation can be avoided by controlling the acid concentration and the flow rate through the exchanger.  

Sulfate content can be calculated in Laboratory by using this method :::

A high strength commercial descaling fluid to attack stubborn lime scale caking inside dishwashing machines and other stainless steel equipment within the commercial catering environment. Descaler must be diluted before use using a 30ml 5lt pelican pump.

Dishwashers/Glass washers
• Switch off the electronic wall mounted dosing equipment (if applicable). 
• Dilute Descaler with up to 20 parts water depending on the degree of scale build up and add directly into the wash tank. For best results, heat water up to working temperature and circulate until all scale is removed. 
• Drain solution, refill and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Drain again and refill with clean water.

Tea Urns
• Fill urn with water and add 10 plunges of Descaler via 30 ml dispensing pump fitted to 5lt container. 
• Allow approximately 1 hour contact time. If necessary, agitate scale with green scouring pad to remove stubborn heavy scale deposits. 
• Drain and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Floors & Hard Surfaces
• If you live in a hard water area and your water supply is untreated, routine floor & hard surface cleaning may leave scale deposits that will periodically need to be removed. 
• Dilute Descaler with up to 20 parts water and wash the floor or surface as you would under normal circumstances. Always rinse the floor or surface after descaling and clean again using the appropriate cleaning product.

N.B. The use of hot water will accelerate the effectiveness of Descaler.

Kettle (suitable for all types of kettle including plastic).
Half fill kettle with water and boil. Unplug and slowly add 1 spoon of RXSOL-11-1052-050 . Leave for just 10 minutes and see how effectively Oust removes limescale.

Coffee Makers
Half fill water reservoir and add 1 spoon of RXSOL-11-1052-050,  Leave for 10 minutes and filter solution through.

Steam Irons (Check manufacturer's instructions before use)
Heat iron until it is hand hot and then unplug. add 1 spoon of RXSOL-11-1052-050 in a jug and pour into iron's water chamber, top up with and set to steam. Leave for 10 minutes for solution to drain through steam holes.

Shower Heads
Detach shower head or sprinkler nozzle and place in jug. add 1 spoon of RXSOL-11-1052-050 into jug and add hot water. Leave for 10 minutes.

To keep appliances good-as-new and running efficiently, descale every 3 months in hard water area and every 6 months in soft water areas.

Fast Effective - Removes Prevents build up of Limescale - Specially Formulated Descaler. This product is all purpose descaler.

The steam boiler which has solid mass of mineral deposits approximate mass calculation will help to use proper volume of RXSOL-11-1052-050  Descaler.  
For home appliances , brewing shop 1 - 3 Table spoon is sufficient to clean.

As for the other parts, The RXSOL-11-1052-050 works more quickly with hot water than cold. Try using RXSOL-11-1052-050 with the hot maintain the temperature. And give sufficint time to dissolve mineral deposits in some cases complete dissolving may reuqire bath water above 100F over night period.

Home application ::: 
Around two tablespoons to a liter of water is a 'normal' mix. You could go 3 or 4 tablespoons for heavier scale. When I do my every 6 months descale I use the 2 tablespoons per liter mix and it works just fine. Hot water is more aggressive so when you put all the parts in a tub to descale, put your water and RXSOL-11-1052-050 in a bit stock pot, bring it to a low boil then dump it in your tub with the parts.

Al most forgot, do not use an aluminum pot or Teflon coated. Use stainless. The acidic part of RXSOL-40-1048-025 will eat up the aluminum and may blister the Teflon. 

Coffee Machine Boiler Descaler



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