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Cold Flow Improver Middle Distillates Diesel

Cold Flow Improver Middle Distillates Diesel

Stop Gelling, Increase Lubricity PREVENTS DEPOSITION and Separates water is main principal of RXSOL COLD FLOW IMPROVER. Highly effective flow improver for heating oil, diesel and super diesel.  This is an excellent product for cold weather operability with distillate fuel. The product help to improve the cold flow properties of a  distillate fuel and reduce the operational temperatures of Pour Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point. RXSOL CFID help to reduce the size of waxes formed and reduce the risk of wax sedimentation in fuel tanks and pipe lines.



  • Cold flow improver and pour point depressant
  • Delays the onset of paraffin crystallization to improve cold flow properties


  • Enables you to handle the fuel at lower temperatures
  • Adds safety in handling of the fuel by reducing the pour point and the Cold Filter Plugging Point of the fuel
  • Keep the wax in suspension preventing wax sedimentation and accumulation


Form        Liquid

ColourClear to Light Yellow


Specific Gravity20 °C0.90

pHNot Applicable

Pour Point-6°С

Flush Point> 60°С

SolubilitySoluble in Hydrocarbon and Aromatic Solvents


Suitable for all diesel engines, Tank  and facility use. Also for all heating oil tanks. Helps to prevent cold start and cold running problems in low temperature climate circumstances by anti-gel performance. With Diesel Cold Flow Improver, it is possible to lower the temperature at which the wax crystals will block the filters (Cold Filter Plugging Point) and the temperature at which the diesel freezes (Pour point).

Operating instructions

In diesel : Add to fuel tank before it reaches the 0 °C limit.
With heating oil: Add to tank before it reaches the 0 °C limit.

Dose ::

RXSOL CFID  should be dosed to the fuel tank prior to filling. Recommended dosage is one liter to one thousand liter of fuel (1:1000 or 1000 ppm). In case of poor response dosage can be increased to one liter to five hundred liter of fuel (1:500 or 2000 ppm)

Please note: The dosing temperature should always be at least 5oC above the measured cloud point of the fuel.


Dosage of product       1 ton fuel / Diesel10 ton fuel / Diesel50 ton fuel / Diesel100 ton fuel / Diesel

1000 ppmDose 1 ltrDose 10 ltrDose 50 ltrDose 100 ltr

2000 ppmDose 2 ltr .Dose 20 ltr Dose 100 ltr Dose 200 ltr 



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