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Sulfamic Acid manufacture, exporter and supplier in India UAE Middle East, Oman, Nairobi Kenya. Sulfamic Acid supplier in Mumbai, Gandhidham, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Fujairah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Barka Muscat Oman, Africa, Canada

RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Is An Effective Descalant And Is Used For Cleaning of A Variety of Industrial Equipments And Domestic Appliances. RXSOL Industries Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Can Be Used For Removing Water And Process Scales From Industrial Equipments. Broadly These Find Use In The Chemical And Fertilizer Industry, Dairy And Food Equipments, Brewery Equipment, Marine Equipment, Sugar Industry Etc.
For Extremely Rock Hard And Thick Scaling It Is Recommended To Soften The Scale Prior To Descaling By Recirculating And Soaking 5-10% Solution of RXSOL antiscale  For 2-3 Hours Followed With Rinsing With Plain Water Before Dosing Descalant
In Case of High Silica And Iron Deposits Add 2-3 Parts RXSOL-11-1102-025 To 10parts of Sulfamic Acid
After Dosing Chemical Never Heat Solution By Firing Burners

RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Is Non-Inflammable And, Unlike Hydrochloric Acid, Does Not Give off Obnoxious Fumes. The Safety of RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Has Been Further Increased By The Addition of Corrosion Inhibitors And Other Chemicals To Make RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade A Versatile Descaling Agent Which Is Safer Still In Terms of Equipment Corrosion And Safety of Personnel. The Field of Descaling Is Wide And The Exact Application of RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Can Only Be Determined After Considering The Nature And Extent of Scaling, And The Type of Equipment That Is To Be Descaled.

Application and Dosage
RXSOL Sulfamic Acid Gp Grade Is Used In Various Applications And At Different Concentration Ratio Depending Upon The Amount And Type of Deposit And System Parameters.

Normally For A System With Hard Scale Deposits A 5-10% W/W Solution Is Recommended. Preferably This Solution Should Be Made With Pre-Heated Water At 70-80oc. The Total Volume of Solution Should Be About 1.2 Times of Water Holding Capacity of Equipment To Be Descaled. Recirculate The Solution For About 6 Hours Using A Acid Compatible Pump. After Descaling It Is Necessary To Passivate System With 2% Solution of Alstascale Ps20 Into The Last Rinse And Return To Normal Service.

Handling Measures and Precautions
Proper Human Safety Products Such As Splash Goggles, Lab Coat, Vapor Respirator, Gloves And Boots Should Be Worn While Handling And Applying Chemicals. Splashes On Skin Should Be Washed off With Water Immediately. In Case of Splashing Into The Eyes, Flush It With Fresh Water And Obtain Medical Attention. Should Not Be Injected. Please Refer Msds For More Details.
This Product Should Be Stored In Original Containers In Cool And Dry Place, Away From Sources of Heat, Flame And Direct Sunlight. Please Refer Technical Data Sheet, Label And Msds For More Details And Shelf Life.



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