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Para Benzoquinone PBQ

Para Benzoquinone PBQ

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p-Benzoquinone (PBQ) is a cyclic conjugated diketone. Its high-resolution photoelectron spectrum has been reported. The visible and near ultraviolet spectra of PBQ have been recorded and analyzed. Its addition as coagent has been reported to enhance the crosslinking rate of polypropylene initiated by the pyrolysis of peroxides. Its impact on hemoglobin (Hb) has been investigated based on immunoblots and mass spectral analysis of a smoker′s blood.

Free radical inhibitor

Chemical Name                          p-benzoquinone
Synonyms                                   cyclohexa-2,5-diene-1,4-dione
EC number                                  203-405-2
CAS number                               106-51-4
Physical State                             Solid
Purity of TBC by GC                   99 ± 1 %
Colour                                         Green/Yellow
Melting Point                              113 oC
Storage                                      PBQ is stable at ambient temperatures

p-Benzoquinone may be used to form benzofuranone derivatives on reacting with anilides of β-aminocrotonic acids via Nenitzescu reaction. Dienophile employed in Diels-Alder cycloadditions to form naphthoquinones, and 1,4-phenanthrenediones. Oxidant used in first step of greener amine synthesis from terminal olefins by Wacker oxidation followed by transfer hydrogenation of the resultant imine.



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