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Decale Powder Powder manufacturer and supplier in Muscat - Barka, Oman, Fujairah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Diera, UAE Middle East, Mumbai, Kandla Gandhidham, GIDC SURAT, Navi mumbai MIDC, Taloja, Panvel, Nerul, Koparkhairna, Turbha Mahape, Rabale, Airoli, Kolkata, Howrah, West Bengal, Bihar Patna, Dehri On Sone, Jharkhand, Ranchi, Tata, Dhanbad, Varanshi, Uttar Pradesh UP, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, Manglore, Goa, Nairobi Kenya Africa, Sudan, Yemen


RXSOL Decale Powder improves heat transfer efficiency in heat exchangers and improve flow in pipes.
RXSOL Decale Powder effectively dissolves calcium and magnesium scale, hard water scale and variety of deposits.

RXSOL AC-2 effectively not only cleans scale but also protect from rust. RXSOL AC-2 chemical is specialized detergent based acid with corrosion inhibitor for evaporators, boilers, heat exchangers, tanks, pipes, and other heat transfer equipment which are commonly fouled by scales, corrosion and other impurities.
RXSOL AC-2 effectively remove scale, rust and lime deposits from metal surface.

RXSOL DESCALE POWDER is chemical compound and should be handle with all chemicals handling precaution like use chemical protective goggle, Hand gloves etc... For more details pl. refer RXSOL product MSDS. 

Tag Identification

Depending on the nature of the scale and mass volume of contamination,  use descale powder with fresh water with a concentration value of 2 - 20 %.  It means for light descaling 2 Kg Descale powder can be dissolved in 100 Ltrs of water and if hard and thick deposition observed powder ratio can be increased up to 15 - 20 Kg in running cleaning solution.

RXSOLAC2 Inhibited Acid Descaler Powder : Powdered inhibited acid chemical specially formulated for de-scaling & de-rusting application.
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX–  Easy and Safe to handle

Descale powder blended with corrosion inhibitor along with scale removing acidic powder for cleaning of rust and water scale deposits from water system. Presence of Inhibitor resulting to stop direct acidic effect on metal surface.

Descale  powder scale remover and cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits from boilers, diesel engine cooling water systems, condensers, evaporators, calorifiers and heat exchangers.

RXSOL Descale contains corrosion inhibitor which provides corrosion protection.

This product is compatible and suitable with aluminium, copper, zinc, galvanized metals, steel boilers etc. Powder Acid for Removal of Scale and Rust



Yellowish Powder


in g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.2

Flash Point

(PMCC) in °C: N/A  


in 10 wt-%: 1.1




Avoid Aluminium, Zinc, Tin and their  alloys and Galvanised surfaces. 


No known effect. 

Powder scale remover designed for use in the chemical cleaning of evaporators, boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, tanks and pipes, which are commonly fouled by hard water scales, grease, tarts and other impurities.

RXSOL DESCALE contains corrosion inhibitor which provides corrosion protection even after the cleaning, unlike other acid cleaning chemicals which may increase corrosion rate after cleaning. Moreover, it contains pH indicator which facilitate monitoring of cleaning progress.


Suggestion ::: Our daily descaling works helps to share helpful tricks to dissolve hard scale easily, Always use 5-10 %  our new generation hard scale deposit remover powder RXSOL-11-1102-025 . Addition of RXSOL-11-1102-025 helps to clean 100% scale from system .

RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder is classifed in Decaling Chemicals
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder MOST COMMONLY used for evaporators, boilers, cooling towers, coils, plumbing system, heat exchangers and pipes.
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder dissolves water scales cleans microorganisms deposits and other impurities. 
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder developed by additon of such ingredients which effectively chemically penetrate to loose scales deposit Also RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder contains corrosion inhibitor to protect from RUST. RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder provides corrosion protection even after the cleaning
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder hleps to keep system scale and deposits free which improves heat transfer efficiency in heat exchangers and improve flow in pipes.
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder chemically reacts with calcium and magnesium scale to dissolves hard water scale deposits.
RXSOL AC2 DESCALEX Powder Super contains pH indicator which facilitate monitoring of cleaning progress.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates
The most effective descaling is accomplished by circulation. In the case of small components, the soak method in an immersion bath can be used. If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease and sludge, then pre-cleaning with RXSOL NEW org Plus or Enviro Degreaser. Depending on the extent of scaling, use a solution of 2.5-10% Descale Powder. The solution will have a red colour which disappear when the solution is neutralised. Whenever possible, the solution should be heated to 60°C. Neutralised solutions can be reactivated by adding more Descale Powder until the red colour reappears. This should not be done more than twice. Descale Powder should not be used on aluminium, zinc, tin or galvanised surfaces. Descaling of Boilers, Descaling of Diesel Engine Cooling Water Systems, Condensers,

Evaporators, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers:
The strength of the acid can be enhanced by adding 1 part sodium chloride (common salt) to 20 parts of Descale Powder. This enhancement of the cleaning solution, however, should not be used when descaling diesel engine cooling water systems. After use of Descale Powder a 0.5% solution of Alkalinity Control in fresh water should be used for neutralisation.

Descale Powder is used for descaling of ships' boilers and marine diesel engine cooling water systems. Also, refer this link to equivalent suitable product

Dry acid descaling cleaner suitable for Boilers, Diesel Engine Cooling Water Systems, Condensers, Evaporators, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers etc.

Features, Benefits and Applications
• Dry acid cleaner contains inhibitors to protect metals.
• Contains colour indicator to show the strength of the solution and anti-foam agent.
• Safe and easy handling and storage.
• Fast and effective scale remover.
• Removes scale from boilers.
• Removes scale from diesel engine cooling water systems.
• Removes scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers etc.

                                   **Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product**



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