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Dechlorine Liquid

Dechlorine Liquid

Dechlorine Liquid manufacturer supplier distributor in Mumbai, Kandla, Kolkata, Vizag, Chennai, India, Fujairah, Dubai UAE, Muscat Oman, Kenya Africa. Get the best quality of Dechlorine Liquid at a competitive price from us. We have ready stock of Dechlorine Liquid in India, UAE Gulf, Oman, Kenya Africa. Contact us for bulk as well as small orders.


Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid shall be formulated and produced to chemically neutralize both free and combined chlorine in water, wastewater and process water treatment systems. Bio-Neutralizer liquid shall be engineered to dissolve slowly and evenly, maintaining effluent quality without any loss of dissolved oxygen or increase in BOD5.

Also available in TABLET form - The tablets shall be 25/8" diameter, compressed to 13/16" thickness with an approximate weight of 5 oz. and incorporate beveled edges to stabilize chemical release and to minimize maintenance requirements. Sulfur dioxide gas or liquid sodium metabisulfite systems create serious health hazards and handling concerns and therefore shall not be considered for this application.





Read the entire product container label, the Material Safety Data Sheet and the Bio-Neutralizer Safety and Tablet Properties and Usage instructions before handling or use. Always wear rubber gloves and either safety goggles or a face shield when handling Bio-Neutralizer tablets or working with a tablet feeder or chemical feed tube. Refer to tablet feeder manufacturer’s instructions to determine the correct number of tubes to fill with Bio-Neutralizer tablets. Store Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination  tablets only in their tightly sealed original container. Do not store in direct sunlight or areas where temperature may exceed140° F. Bio-Neutralizer dechlor nation tablets are a strong reducing agent containing sodium sulfite. Contact with oil, petroleum products or oxidizing agents, such as Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets or any tablet used for chlorination, is extremely dangerous. Do not mix with swimming pool chemicals. Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area for maximum shelf life. To prevent moisture contamination, exercise care when removing tablets from the container or filling feed tubes. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth, respiratory system or clothing.

Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid are a strong reducing agent. Tablets should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from heat or flame. Avoid storage in areas subject to direct sunlight or temperature in excess of 140° F. Stock should be rotated on a first-in, first-out basis. Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets must be stored in their original container with lid tightly closed. Do not allow moisture to enter the pail during storage or while removing tablets for use. Moisture contamination may affect tablet integrity and performance. Do not reuse the empty container.

Before handling Bio-Neutralizer liquid, carefully read the container label and the Product Storage, Tablet Handling, Caution and First Aid sections of these instructions. Do not add Bio-Neutralizer tablets to a feed tube containing any other product, particularly oil and petroleum products or swimming pool chlorine. Such action may cause a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. Do not contaminate food or feed during the use, storage or disposal of Bio-Neutralizer tablets or the cleaning of chemical feed equipment. Always wear rubber gloves and either safety goggles or a face shield when handling Bio-Neutralizer tablets or working with any tablet feeder or feed tube. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth, respiratory system or clothing. Keep this product only in its tightly closed original container. Store only in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

Use only clean, dry utensils. Do not add Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets to any device containing remnants of any other product – contact with oxidizers, such as Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets or any other tablets used for chlorination can cause fire and the release of toxic gas. Read the entire Bio-Neutralizer tablet container label and these instructions carefully before handling this product. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Bio-Neutralizer tablets are not rated a hazardous substance by the U.S. DOT or USEPA, but necessary care should be taken in the use and handling of the tablets. Collected materialcan be dissolved in water, exercising caution as the solution can get hot. Dispose of dissolved material in any appropriateindustria  waste collection system. Consult local, state and federal regulatory agencies before disposing of any material.

Do not mix Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid with acids or oxidizing agents such as Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets or other tablets used for chlorination – fire or explosion could result. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth, respiratory system or clothing – failure to do so may cause irritation on contact. Wear rubber gloves and either safety goggles or a face shield when handling this product. Product will form sodium sulfide at 600° C. At 900° C sulfur dioxide is formed. Inert ingredients could support combustion. Use self-contained breathing apparatus for fire fighting.

If contact with skin occurs, wash with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
If eye contact occurs, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Get immediate medical treatment.
If swallowed, promptly drink large quantities of water or milk. Induce vomiting. Avoid alcohol. Call physician immediately.
If inhaled, move victim to fresh air. If difficulty in breathing persists, get immediate medical attention.
In case of fire, immediately evacuate the area and notify the fire department.

Thick Bio-Neutralizer liquid shall be  effective  in  the reduction  or  elimination of residual chlorine without   releasing excess quantities of sodium sulfite into the receiving environment. Dose of Bio-Neutralizer maintain a consistent application rate at intermittent peak flow factors as high as four and shall provide reliable reduction of residual  chlorine even  when the significant runoff period is six  hours. Bio-Neutralizer  shall be considered non-hazardous  under U.S. Department  of  Transportation (DOT), U.S. Environmental  Protection Agency (USEPA), RCRA, CERCLA and SARA Title III listings and consist  solely of commercial grade  or technical  grade ingredients. The following is a list of some common applications where Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination may be utilized: home wastewater treatment plants, municipal wastewater plants, septic tanks – sand filters, extended aeration plants, wastewater treatment lagoons, package wastewater treatment systems, spray irrigation systems, potable water filtration backwash, municipal water plants and water towers.

When used as directed, Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination liquid shall provide an environmentally safe dose of sodium sulfite capable of neutralizing free and combined chlorine present in treated water, wastewater or process water. Research shows that high concentrations of sodium sulfite will degrade beneficial dissolved oxygen in receiving environments, producing  harmful effects on the ecosystem. Dechlorination liquid shall provide consistent reduction or elimination of residual chlorine without affecting water quality, dissolved oxygen or other discharge parameters. A unique combination of sustained release agents and sodium sulfite shall maintain a consistently uniform application rate regardless of flow, temperature or humidity. Dechlorination liquid shall generally lower chemical consumption and provide reliable reduction of chlorine residual in a more thorough, safe and economical manner than simple compressed sodium sulfite. Therefore, the use of other tablets of similar composition shall not be considered for this application.


1. Remove feed tube from dispenser housing.
2. Remove protective cap from feed tube; place cap in a clean, dry area.
3. Remove any tablet residue by gently tapping feed tube on concrete or stone surface. If 
liquid other than Bio-Neutralizer have been used, rinse tube and cap with fresh water until clean and allow to dry before proceeding.
4. Hold tube, slotted end up, at a 45° angle and slide Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination 
liquid into the tube, one tablet at a time.
5. Ensure that all tablets lie flat, on top of one another, in the feed tube.
6. Use your gloved hand to retain tablets inside the open end of the inverted tube while filling.
7. Carefully return tube to upright position.
8. Replace the cap securely.
9. Place tube back into housing, slotted end down.
10. Be sure feed tube is fully engaged and rests evenly on the floor of the housing.
11. If the tablet feeder incorporates multiple feed tubes, consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the correct number of tubes to be filled and their placement.



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