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Blast Off Alkaline

Blast Off Alkaline

Benefits of using RXSOL Blast Off Alkaline

  • Exceptional degreasing properties
  • Unrivalled wetting agent to penetrate through organic matter
  • Reduces cleaning time and water usage
  • Low foam formula


Blast Off has been specifically designed to meet the difficult cleaning demands of a modern livestock building. Used as a prewash this heavy duty cleaner can be applied via an orchard sprayer or by conventional power wash equipment.

Blast Off is a blend of low foaming powerful surfactants and wetting agents, suitable for all types of livestock housing.

Blast-Off Degreaser Concentrate is a water soluble, general purpose surface degreasing & cleaning agent that removes Oil, Grease, Wax, Fats, Carbon residues, Inks, Mould & other stubborn dirt from surface such as patios, metals, driveways, brickwork, vinyls, paintwork, tiles, wood – in fact, any non-porous hard surface.

  • Blast-Off replaces highly toxic & flammable solvents
  • Will not burn or support combustion
  • Can be applied by jet washer, trigger spray & cloth
  • Super Concentrate – up to 1:100 dilution
  • Rinse off – cleans without leaving oily residue
  • Safe in use – low toxicity

Jet Washer:

  • Add concentrate to washer reservoir
  • Adjust setting to desired dilution rate (1% = 1000:1)
  • Presoak area to be cleaned at 100@1 then adjust the dilution for final clean

Trigger Spray: 

  • Dilute with potable (tap) water (5 ml concentrate in 500 ml trigger = 100:1)
  • Thoroughly wet the surface to be cleaned
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the area
  • Adjust dilution as necessary for stubborn dirt

Use Neat:

  • Apply with trigger spray and wipe off with wet cloth

Recommended maximum dilution 10%.

Blast Off should be applied via an orchard sprayer or a power washer set at 2000 psi. at a dilution rate of 1:50 - 1:200 depending on level of soiling. It may be applied cold or at temperatures up to 60°C.



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