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AIR COOLER CHEM CLEANER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 plays very important role during cleaning and maintenance of  Air cooler tube, fins and all accessories of Air cooler. Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 also can be use to clean carbon depsosit from all engine component and we added additional value of surfactant in to Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 to result heavy degreasing action in engine maintenance area. Our continious work since 1995 enable us to product premium quality Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 to acts as superior air cooler cleaner as well as resulting as good carbon remover and degreaser.

Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 packed in 25 Ltrs packing for export purpose. And our regular customers and export agent also using there own brand under our Private labeling option. In our private labeling option reserved all privacy rights under our standard terms and condition.. Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 is most popular and specialized product for SHIPPING  and marine industries.

We are also making direct supply of Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 on ship through our authorized shipchandler of various location. We are keeping ready stock of Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 at our ware house of Mumbai, Kandla - Gandhidham, Surat, Kolkata - Haldia, Vizag - Gangavaram, Chennai - Ennore, Fujairah, Dubai.

1. It is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and compressor ...
2. Air Cooler Chemical cleaner - ACC-XXX9 is a liquid compound consisting of specific corrosion inhibitors , to prtect SOFT METAL

Field :: - AHU, FCU, Air Conditioners, Car Condenser and Radiator, Air Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Condensers, Air Cooler Tube Bundle etc.

It has self foaming characteristics which starts immediate foaming when it comes in contact with dirt, enabling excellent penetration of the product into the coils for complete cleaning that instantly shows multiple increase of CFM/Air Velocity.




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