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CHLORINE TABLET manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

RXSOL-31-3021-001 is a dry organic chlorine in tablet form giving a high available chlorine base, ensuring an effective sterilising and disinfecting action in slow release form. 200g tablet with 90-92% available chlorine. For chlorination of swimming pools, sewage and waste water.Standard tablet size: 75 mm diameter - 25 mm H. For swimming pool water treatment: 4 large tablets every 100 m3 of water to be put in skimmers or in floating trays. For waste water treatment, fill the chlorinating pipes until 2 to 5 PPM of residual active chlorine are obtained. If below 2 PPM, use both chlorinating pipes. Assess residual chlorine level with the appropriate TEST KIT supplied by Rx Marine International Rxsol Chlorine Test kit.


IMPA CODE : 550676


Active chlorine %≥ 90.0    

 Chemical FormulaC 3 O 3 N 3 CL 3

Molecular Weight232.41

 Molecular formula143.0

Melting Point235

UN No.2468


CAS No.87-90-1

Moisture%≤ 0.5

PH (1% solution)2.7-3.3

Appearance    tablet  (200g)

 Packing10 Kgs

StoreStore in cool, dry, well ventilated area.




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