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Diethanolamine Suppliers in Kenya

Diethanolamine Suppliers in Kenya

Kenya Chemical is one of the leading Diethanolamine Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Producers in Nairobi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, South Africa, South Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, Malawi Nairobi Kenya.



Diethanolamine, often abbreviated as DEA or DEOA, is an organic compound with the formula HN(CH2CH2OH)2. Pure diethanolamine is a white solid at room temperature, but its tendencies to absorb water and to supercool mean that it is often encountered as a colorless, viscous liquid. Diethanolamine is polyfunctional, being a secondary amine and a diol. Like other organic amines, diethanolamine acts as a weak base.

Diethanolamine is used as a raw material for buffering agents in the pharmaceutical industry, as a crosslinking agent in the production of high rebound polyurethane foam, mixed with triethanolamine as a detergent for aircraft engine piston, reacts with fatty acids to generate alkyl, and is also used in organic synthesis raw materials, surfactants raw material Chemicalbook and acid gas absorbent.

It is used as a thickening agent and foam modifier in shampoo and light detergent, as an intermediate agent in the organic synthesis industry, as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry, and has great application in the washing industry, cosmetics industry, agriculture, construction industry, and metal industry.

Other names

 Name     DEA/Diethanolamine 
 Synonyms     2,2'-Dihydroxyd iethylamine; 2,2'-Iminodiethanol; Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amine
 CAS NO.     111 42 2
 Molecular Formula

 Molecular Weight


 Appearance     Colorless Liquid
 Purity     99% Min
 Density     1.096
 M.P.     27-30 ºC
 B.P.     268 ºC
 Refractive Index     1.475-1.479
 Flash Point     179 ºC
 Water solubility     MISCIBLE

DEA is used as a surfactant and a corrosion inhibitor. It is used to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas.

Diethanolamine is widely used in the preparation of diethanolamine and diethanolamine salts of long-chain fatty acids that are formulated into soaps and surfactants used in liquid laundry and dishwashing detergents, cosmetics, shampoos, and hair conditioners. In oil refineries, a DEA in water solution is commonly used to remove hydrogen sulfide from sour gas. It has an advantage over a similar amine, ethanolamine, in that a higher concentration may be used for the same corrosion potential. This allows refiners to scrub hydrogen sulfide at a lower circulating amine rate with less overall energy usage.


Diethanolamine is mainly used as an acid gas absorbent, non-ionic surfactant, emulsifier, polishing agent, industrial gas purifier, and lubricant. Used as a thickening agent and foam improver in shampoos and light detergents. It is used as a softener in synthetic fiber and leather production.

Diethanolamine Application : 
Lubricants, rubber products, gas absorbents, emulsifiers, softeners, thickeners for light detergents, foam improvers, etc.


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