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HOLDBRIGHT PLUS manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Holdbrite supplier at all INDIAN - UAE port. One of popular and effective product for SHIP HOLD cleaning.

Holdbrite RX is highly concentrated, comprising special detergents, surfactants, builders and corrosion inhibitors. It is specifically formulated for the effective removal of heavy duty residues and can be also applied by high pressure spraying equipment. Holdbrite RX can be quickly dissolved in water for removing lighter grease, oil, pet coke and dirt deposits. Compatible with most coated surfaces and dries leaving a good shine. Holdbrite RX  is water based, non flammable, biodegradable Product.

Keep tightly closed coantainer. Avoid direct concentrated product contact with any part of BODY skin. The most important things HOLD BRITE RXSOL doesn't release any gases or smell, this uniquness of product kept in safe category. 

Hold brite can be applied by brushing, scrubbing or spraying method. And it can be used neat or after dilution ration from 10 to 25% with water.  For heavily soiled and contaminated areas,  higher concentrations of the product in water can be used, even neat concentrated holdbrite can be directly applied.

Spray cleaning solution of holdbrite on complete hold surface area and give 20 -30 minutes ( before surface dry ) time to complete alkalinity effect as well as cleaning effect with deposited cargo, then clean through high-pressure fresh water. 2nd wash can be repeated to get optimum result. 


Two important feature of Holdbrite makes unique ship hold cleaning detergent.
A. Holdbrite resulting high foam to stick to the surface longer. 
B. Alkaline nature effectively neutralizes acidic residue formed by the residue.

Feature & Benefit


Effective cleaning of heavy duty residues from cargo hold tanks, decks, bulkheads, etc.

Heavy duty, water-based cleaner.

Efficient, multipurpose cleaning.

Highly concentrated: dilute for most cleaning needs.

Comprises special detergents, surfactants, builders and corrosion inhibitors.

Removes soot from Inert Gas Systems (IGS).


Suitable to use with hot or cold water high pressure equipment.




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