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PET COKE REMOVER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Pet coke remover supplier and exporter. For cleaning aſter pet coke, oily residues, sulphur, concentrates, specific ore residues, and other difficult cargoes, as well as lighter grease, oil etc RXSOL pet coke cleaner plays a powerful role than other. Our pet coke cleaner is principally based on emulsifiers with neutraliser, as pet coke residues contain heavy oil content and sulphur which is creating an acidic effect on metal surfaces. And causing heavy corrosion on metal, and its ionic effect damaging entire painting layer. 

Pet Coke STAIN removal concept - 
Coal and petcoke leaves stain,  its removal is important task during hold cleaning operation. Our expert has 2 suggestion for removal of such stain from the surface. 

1st one to use RX Tuff heavy-duty alkaline cleaner, which can apply as an emulsion, need time to take effect and are rinsed away with seawater. More than one application will be needed to remove stubborn stains. 

2nd one solution is much more effective than 1st one step. Here our expert suggests using New ORG on the spotted area where the residue is tightly deposited on the surface. " New ORG -RXSOL-20-2020-025 " this product is specialized to react with oily residue where any alkaline cleaner fails to emulsify. Uses of New ORG  chemicals for stain removal/cleaning principally dissolve and emulsify OIL RESIDUE stain completely which is resulting stain-free surface, Then without flushing with water follow 1st step.

A  water-based heavy duty alkaline cleaner for removal of oily stains as pet coke and coal. Also contains a specialized blend of synthetic. surfactants The cleaning should take place as soon as the discharge is complete to maximize effectiveness.

Also effective on dried oil films. When cleaning from black oils to white oils and from black oils to cargo grain

Petcoke Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), the classification of petroleum substances according to the EU dangerous goods directive and the GESAMP/EHS  composite list of hazard profiles 2003/2004 all state that petcoke is not considered a hazard to the marine environment. It is also worth noting that, although petroleum coke is described as non-hazardous, there is potential human health effects relating to the small particulate matter within the powder or granules as inhaled (i.e. airborne) dust.


In theory, the dirty wash water is either disposed of at sea or discharged for treatment in land-based reception facilities.




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