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PHOSPHATE REMOVER manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

This is ideal to treat your pool at the beginning and end of each season as well as reducing phosphates at any time as the first step of  Clear, Perfect Water Program.

Helps remove phosphates (algae food source) from water. It contains natural enzymes that break down non-living organics to make opening and closing fast and easy. A quick clean up to start off the season and to prevent non-living organic staining and phosphate build-up. Dosage: 1L per 25,000 gallons

  • Helps remove phosphates (algae food source) from water
  • Helps eliminate phosphates from fertilizers, rainwater, soaps, decaying vegetation
  • Helps prevent slippery and slimy surfaces
  • Cuts down on need for other pool maintenance chemicals
  • Available in small and gallon sizes packing
  • Water clarifier and Phosphate reducer
  • Breaks down non-living organics
  • Makes opening and closing pools easy
  • prevents staining and phosphates



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