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PNEUMATIC SUBMERSIBLE PUMP manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Suitable to empty ballast tanks,bilge wells, emergency cases often used for draining cargo and after the washing procedure.especially preferred where an electric spark may risk ignition or explosion .air pressure is 0.59MPa(6kgf/cm2)

Intended use:

STROKE Pneumatic submersible pumps are intended or use de-watering,transfer of fluids such as clear and sea water. Marine emptying of ballast tanks,damming cargo holds and pumping and sea water from bilges and holds.

It is a single stage centrifugal and driven by a powerful vane motor. Also double seals protect the bearing and motor from water and mud, and integral oilers provide continuous lubrication. Follow the instructions mentioned here to enhance the life and performance of the pump.


Operating instructions

Sump pump is rugged dependable equipment designed to give you years of satisfactory service. Follow the instructions mentioned here to enhance life and performance of your pump.



Disconnect and pour in 1to 2 ounces of recommended oil into the pump and reconnect the hose after blowing out any accumulated dirt in the hose line before connection.



Always install  a line lubricator on the air line as close to the pump as possible.A filter regulator lubricator unit (FRL)is strongly recommended. Keep the lubricator bowl topped up with the recommended grade of oil and check that the oil is reaching the pump. Running the pump without lubrication is likely to cause damage to the components causing premature replacement.



The pump works best at 6.2 bar (90 psi) air pressure. The air should be clean, dry, lubricated.install a FRL Unit as close as operation will permit.



Daily before operation check the hoses,especially  the high pressure hoses for damage or leaks.

Use genuine teryair spares and if possible mention the serial number of the pump when ordering spares.




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