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RXSOL ORG - 6 manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

POLYMER Sludge Emulsification is directly depends on sludge molecule nature and its bonding strength. Breaking of intermolecular bond becomes very easy by knowing cargo nature and property. Our RX representative can help to adopt easiest process by analysing slugde chemicals property in our LAB. 

RXSOL-20-2059-210 can be use as a all purpose degreaser for cleaning of Oil and Sludge with emulsifiers. It is an excellent blend of powerful solvent base and emulsifying inorganic products .Specially designed  for engine room and cargo  tank cleaning .Main feature of RXSOL-20-2006-210 is, it finally dissociate slop emulsion  to separate oil and water .This provide us with ability to dispose of waste solution as per MARPOL & IMO rules and regulation



High penetration & emulsification   , Reduces down time.
Low toxicity, non -corrosive. Highly effective, economical solvent cleaner.
For cleaning of machinery parts, bulk heads, decks, bottom plates & any oil/grease dirty areas.
Used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals, Sludge etc .




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