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SULFAMIC ACID VISCOUS LIQUID manufacturer and supplier in nairobi kenya africa

Sulfamic Descalant Viscous is end point of chemicals reaction, Which is more powerfull then POWDER stage. Highly soluble in water and free from other impurities.

Sulphamic acid can be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and coils

Sulfamic Acid is a Zwitterion, a molecule with two charges that counteract each other, the Nitrogen and Oxygen have a greater pull on the bond pair of electrons due to the high electro-negativity, this causes the bond to be polar, the Nitrogen and Oxygen draw the electrons closer and become slightly negative, the Hydrogens become positive because the negative electrons are further away.

Grades of Sulphamic acid as a descalant:

The GP grade of Sulphamic acid:

The GP grade may be used for removing scales obtained from water in heating and cooling systems e.g. boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils.

The SR grade of Sulphamic acid:

This formulation is recommended for scales containing high silica. Typical examples are scales found in caustic evaporators in the Aluminum industry and black liquor evaporator in the pulp industry.

The  RXSOL TM grade of Sulphamic acid:  SUPERIOR BLEND of Corrosion inhibitor

This formulation is recommended for removal of scales from heat exchangers made of Titanium metal.  We provide Sulfamic Acid descalant that has scale solubilizing capacity and added corrosion resistance blends which offer maximum protection to metal of equipment being cleaned. Our range of Sulfamic Acid descalant is ideal for removing scales from cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, coilers, condensers, and various other heating and cooling systems. We also provide Sulfamic Acid descalant in self-indicating grade that changes colors to indicate that the efficiency of material has been finished.

CHEMICAL STAGE : VISOCUS LIQUID Sulfamic Acid is also known as an intermediate compound between Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), and Sulfamide (H4N2SO2) and a dry, non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, odorless, stable acid, moderately soluble in water that forms strongly acidic aqueous solution, comparable in acidity to the common strong mineral acids.




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